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How to build a simple Aduchi? (Takehisa Kyudojo ver.)

In “About the ingredient of Aduchi", we know how to prepare the ingredient for our new Aduchi. This time we will try how to make it up. 👍

First of all, we should try to plan how to build our new Aduchi for our dojo, and prepare the following tools and materials. (Takehisa Kyudojo ver.)

1. river sand (Suitable quantity. In Takehisa Kyudojo, we used 13-ton in 790x70x150cm)

2. sandbag 250bags

3. sawdust 5kg

4. big trowels, shovels

5. hose or bucket (for keeping water)

and many many many Kyudo lovers!!!!! (this hard work need so many many many muscle…….)

・Put some water, and mix the river sand (about 5-ton) with sawdust (5kg) properly. It will be looking like the next picture. Then, waiting for about 2 days, and please give some water in eachday. (As Usami Sensei saying, it should be left over half year, but we didn’t have time for waiting……….)

・Because there is no brick wall in the Takehisa Kyudojo (竹久弓道場), we put the clear river sand into the sandbags (250bags, one bag was about 20kg) for holding our Aduchi. (Please take some breaks! 👍 and check your plan paper again) 

・We try to make the stairs, use the big trowels and shovels pushing the mixed river sand from down to up. Actually, we should make it hard whenever possible. Then, just keep going…………….going…………Orz

(warning: Please keep your mixed river sand “WATERY"!! and drink some water for ourself)

・Finished!!!!! We used totally two days. So tired, but meaningfully. 

Share with you one Japanese  proverb: 為せば成る為さねば成らぬ. It means “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

Good Luck!

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