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Put on our Kake (弽を挿す; Kake wo sasu)

Put on our Kake (弽を挿す; Kake wo sasu).

Thus written in Shahokun (射法訓): The way is not with the bow, but with the bone, which is of greatest importance in shooting (射法は弓を射ずして骨を射ること最も肝要なり). 

It means that we should take the “bone” into consideration when it comes to the skill of shooting and equipment of shooting. After a hard work of literature reviewing, there are principles concluded for wearing kake (弽) 

1. Fit and firm but not too much 
2. Not to restrict the movement of both radius and ulna (the wrist) 

3. Make the Kohimo (小紐; string) loose but fit, the Himo (紐; strip) fit and firm but not too much.

There is a x-ray photo of wrist below, we could see the connection part of carpal and metacarpal (where the arrow-signs indicate, the dented area). It is where we twine the string and allowed the wrist move unrestrictedly. Here is the thing that the big drawing Kai (会) we appreciating is established on unrestricted movement of wrist. Otherwise we will end up with small Kai or pointing-up thumb for Kai, which is allowed to do by the restricted equipment. (well, when we’re in Kai, our thumb should be horizontal to the arrow)

First of all, there is some words we should know about our Kake.

Well, here are the steps for putting on kake.

1. In principle, it’s proper to both wear and remove kake while being seiza (正坐). 

2. After putting on shitakake (下弽), and then put the hand into kake firmly and get the rest of shitakake inside kake. (in case of shitakake with long tail, it’s better to have the tail twined and tied at the position a bit front of carpel before putting hand into kake) 

3. Slightly pulling the string up, make the Chi (乳) part gently touching the left side of carpel. 
4. After twining the string around the Ninokoshi (二の腰), twine the strip along with the Daikawa (台革; cover leather) and keep wrapping around at the same place. (NOTE: make the string part loose but fit, the strip part a bit tight but not too much) 

5. Wrapping around several times, then leave the 30-35cm strip not to be wrapped.

6.    Tie up the rest strip for keep the whole strip in place. 

The video below is showing how unrestrictedly the wrist with kake which is worn in the proper way regarding the three principles mentioned before. 

Domo Arigatou!! 

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